Yamgo leverages blockchain and DLT to create bleeding-edge technology for advertising, fintech and beyond

We Are

Founded in 2005, Yamgo is a UK-based technology company building a consumer-first rewards, incentivisation and fintech platform for advertising, media, retail and beyond.

Yamgo has a track record of more than ten years in the development of pioneering technology solutions and is focused on providing the infrastructure for businesses to connect to and interact with their customers maximising the value of consumer attention while respecting consumers’ data and privacy.

The Numbers


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Updated 5th Nov 2019


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What We Do

Yamgo is building the technology to create a new form of peer-to-peer trade between sellers and buyers.

Having identified problems in the ad industry in early 2017, we started blockchain R&D. The team are pivoting from the programmatic ad tech business (Branded AdSpruce) to focus on enabling businesses to further their vision for a direct connection between brands and their customers under the brand name AdsDax.

Yamgo has the vision to become industry leaders in providing businesses with the tools, services and infrastructure that empower consumers to be fairly rewarded for their time, attention and loyalty.

Our mission is to create a simple-to-use platform that allows businesses to adopt incentive - centered loyalty and rewards models and automation services while providing scale, security, speed and high throughput at a low cost.

It’s time to invest our brain-power into an ecosystem that builds in quality, civility, transparency, privacy and control from the very start. A new media supply chain that levels the playing field and operates in a way that is clean, efficient, accountable and properly moderated for everyone involved.

Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand OfficerANA Media Conference, April 2019

We have a
live platform

AdsDax, a self-serve blockchain-tracked advertising platform, has shown a proven use case for blockchain technology in the advertising industry.

The AdsDax platform has been used by several of the world’s top brands and ad agencies including GroupM, Havas Media, Isobar and more.

  • Completed five case studies for blockchain-based advertising using live data and fee paying customers  
  • Currently recording over 4.5 million ad events on Hedera hashgraph per day
  • Our partnership with Isobar & CEAT resulted in a Digital Crest Award-winning campaign due to AdsDax’s use of blockchain technology to reduce ad fraud
  • Proved product/customer fit in ad tech sector with agencies and brands in the ad sector

AdsDax builds the pioneering technology that is fuelling an advertising revolution.

AdsDax is an end-to-end advertising platform that leverages distributed ledger and blockchain technologies to solve the fundamental problems of the advertising industry.

From tracking to attribution, ad fraud, trust and payments, AdsDax is tackling the biggest problems in the ad industry in order to clean up the media supply chain and provide greater value for all participants.

Make your advertising work for you

The AdsDax Dashboard is a blockchain-enabled self-serve platform that provides the tools and data for brands and agencies to create, deliver, verify and optimise their ad campaigns in real time

  • Create rich-media and video ads for mobile platforms
  • Access to ad performance data in real time
  • Get ad data verified on a 3rd-party blockchain
  • Reach genuine users on brand-safe inventory


Yamgo aims to bridge the gap between analytics, identity, tracking and micropayments to create a unique platform that solves the problems of several industries including fintech, advertising and supply-chain management.

  • The global blockchain technology market size is expected to reach  $57 billion by 2025
  • Grand View Research Inc. estimates a compound annual growth rate of 69.4% between 2019-2025
  • Zion Market Research estimates that global spend in the analytics market will reach over $4.6 billion by 2025

Why Now?

As consumers are beginning to understand the scope of how their personal data is tracked and often misused they are also beginning to understand the value of that data. Yamgo is uniquely positioned with an early-mover advantage to provide the infrastructure and developer tools that will allow ad tech, fintech and other consumer-facing businesses to undergo an evolution in how they interact with consumers.

Yamgo has the opportunity to create a paradigm shift in how businesses and consumers interact, giving consumers the power to control the data they share and how it is used while enabling businesses to create healthy, sustainable relationships directly with their customers through loyalty, reward and incentivisation schemes.

Yamgo has a rich history of consumer-oriented technical innovation with data and tracking at its core

Yamgo TV

Yamgo TV, a mobile TV network, builds a proprietary tech stack to solve the problems of tracking and analysing data from millions of mobile TV views on legacy mobile devices, every month. This data is used to inform content acquisition and monetisation strategies creating a better service for consumers.


Yamgo leverages its expertise in mobile technology and tracking to create an ad network that allows media and content owners to use Yamgo’s technology to monetise their content on over 15,000 mobile device types including smartphones and feature phones while tracking over a billion events per month.


The recent emergence of distributed-ledger technology has enabled Yamgo to create AdsDax, an end-to-end advertising platform that seeks to solve the fundamental problems of the ad industry from tracking to attribution, ad fraud prevention and real-time payment systems.

The Future

Yamgo’s evolving platform will continue to adopt distributed ledger technology and decentralised principles that have the speed, scale, security and throughput required to cope with the data management and tracking demands of the ad industry and beyond.

Yamgo is a team of 12 experts in advertising, technology, data and creative

Dave Moreau


Ryan Davies

Chief Product Officer

Helen Tanner

Chief Marketing Officer

Shaun Ellison

Non-Executive Director

Danny Jones

Lead Front End Developer

Ursula Young

Sales & Marketing

Ian Mullins

Founder, CEO

Neil Berry

Chief DevOps Engineer

Chris Brennan

Ad Operations

Susanne Naundorf

Chief Operations Officer

Rhys Davies

Lead Developer

Anto Sebastian

Creative Production

The Yamgo Advantage

Yamgo leverages DLT to provide a unique and superior tracking and automation service:

  • Offering an ultra-fast, low-cost solution for tracking any digitized event  
  • Enabling access to a transparent supply chain
  • Enabling customers to directly verify every tracking entry on the ledger themselves
  • Enabling consensus-based data verification in a trustless environment
  • No longer allowing a single party to dictate the “truth”
  • Enabling crypto-based rewards and incentivisation schemes

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